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Nubile Canadian quintet Dead and Divine reveal themselves to be more than a metalcore one-trick pony on their new release THE FANCIFUL. This 11-track affair contains its ample share of the obligatory heavy-handed riffs and blistering screams, but it's when this act drops some Radiohead-esque melancholy ("Something I've Rehearsed") that eyebrows are raised. Poison the Well and Silverstein with Hum headlining? This collection of tunes keeps one knuckle dragging and one fist raised in the air throughout, shifting the mood from raucous punk to churning metal to pensive shoegaze cleverly to entangle angst-ridden teenage dudes and their chicks that got dragged to the show. Dipping into the Everytime I Die and Underoath wells a bit too frequently dilutes the effort overall, yet interesting aspects like the swampy Southern rock grooves that creep in cuts like "Like Wolves" give the disc a more well-rounded appeal.
- Mike SOS