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Another glistening display of ethreal post-metal majesty comes from the Umea, Sweden octet Cult of Luna via their latest offfering ETERNAL KINGDOM. This 10-track affair is a concept album based on a madman's diary the band stumbled upon when changing rooms in their transformed from a mental institution rehearsal space. Instantaneously creating a more ominous and foreboding vibe while following the course led by their find, this crew's well-established widespread gazing metallic aura and constant yearning to evolve broadens its scope to encompass synths, chimes, horns, and other sounds to decorate their dense sludge metal mixture on cuts like "Owlwgod" and the startling 12-minute "Ghost Trail". Songs like "Curse" offer a well-textured ride through the rich fields of post metal experimentation, while "Mire Deep" highlights the outfit's darkness before rearing back with a bludgeoning sonic assault from the band's trademark three-guitar wall of post rock sludge. Thick and weighty, this is an essential disc for those willing to explore new levels in post metal progression.
- Mike SOS