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Sometimes bad things happen for a greater good, and such is the case when referring to the plight and resurgence of Early Graves. Refreshingly injecting dollops of crusty Swedish metal into their chest-thumping Hatebreed meets vicious punk metal on acid formula, this San Francisco quartet convincingly sever the ties with its former identity Apiary and come out with their severely savage 11-track re-emergence WE: THE GUILLOTINE. Produced by underground metal guru Steve Austin (who also lends musical and vocal support) and boasting a guest spot by Oxbow crazyman Eugene Robinson on the sinewy yet haunting “Here There Be Monsters, this ferocious yet focused affair emits bold-faced brutality as only a metal hybrid which counts Converge, Discharge, and Entombed as its influences could muster, as tracks such as “Ghosts Among Us” and “First Name:Porter” violently hurl shards of metal fury while “Safety Net Acrobats” keeps the inimitable spirit of d-beat beatdowns alive and well. Sparing no one in their assault, Early Graves have patched together an impressive composite of underground metal propelled by its own destructive tendencies and uncompromising array of sheer heaviness.
- Mike SOS