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Ukrainian symphonic black metal mavens Capitollium unleash a vehement display of hellfire and brimstone on their nine-track affair BLOODFALL OF FLESH. Incorporating everything from operatic female vocals and atmospheric keyboards to dastardly blast beats and demonic vocal deliveries, this quintet hurls volumes of venomous melodies with vitriolic shifts in velocity on cuts like 'Mensis of Mind" and "Ego Sum Lead". Versatile enough to take snippets of other genres without sacrificing their destructive tendencies on cuts like the technified closer "Open the Gates", this troupe's stellar songwriting and willingness to explore outside of the box assists this album in standing out over the lot of the black metal releases while the band's overall bleak outlook and chilling aura assists this album in providing a nice buffer between Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir.
- Mike SOS