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NY goregrind collective Copremesis are an acquired taste for certain judging on their latest affair, MUAY THAI LADYBOYS. Employing vocals of the most guttural nature that come out sounding akin to the cacophony caused by a barnyard of sick animals while featuring, you guessed it, Muay Thai Ladyboys, to adorn their artwork in full transsexual splendor, this disc renders an unsettling feeling right from the onset. But that's where the shock wears off and the reality settles in of what this band is all about. Musically-speaking, you get what you'd expect from a band of this ilk: blast beats a plenty, signifying harmonic squeals, and sudden bursts of insanity all take turns on a demented tilt-a-ride through depravity, as songs like "Mustache", "Tetsuo", and "Zombie" take this unit's durable slabs of pornogrind through the meat grinder and beyond, complete with torturous explosiveness and at some points, a surprising sense of groove. If you can stomach the imagery and get past the vacuous and unintelligible vocals scraped from the pits of despair, then this troupe's brand of sick humor and technical prowess should suit you well. Word to the wise, though, keep this one away from the easily offended.
- Mike SOS