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Japan and New York team up for a noise rock jamboree courtesy of Dynamite Club and their latest 12-track sojourn FUSION ERA. Channeling a slew of System of a Down, Frank Zappa and Mike Patton's finest moments while blessed with the capacity to turn delightful pop melodies into near death metal experiences at the drop of a dime without sounding forced , FUSION ERA embraces the chaotic spirit of hardcore punk while remaining heavily steeped in the freewheeling nature of the theatre of the absurd. Lyrics such as the ones found on "Eye Like to Look" and "Besame My Love" are borderline disturbing when read, but add the calculated cacophony and disjointed delivery audible from such gems as "12 Questions for the Psychedelically Impaired" to the equation and the ridiculousness not only matches beautifully but actually begins to make sense. Those not inclined to take a trip to the more adventurous side will loathe this disc's entire 19:33 runtime, but for those in need for a quick fix of crazy, you can't go wrong with the madness associated with FUSION ERA.
- Mike SOS