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Zach Huskey and Dali's Llama are a tad heavier this time around judging by the voluminous FULL ON DUNES. Once again boasting special guest appearances (this time featuring the likes of Mario Lalli and album producer Scott Reeder), this nine-track excursion drives harder than previous releases, as cuts like the fun and fuzzy "Full On" rocks and "Smoke Tree" rip through the speakers with Alice In Chains-esque intensity while "Floating" exhibits this trio's ability to launch itself deep out of the orbit. As much as this batch of tunes bite, the overall feel of this disc also resonates with the looseness of old friends playing around the campfire, most noticeably on cuts like "Cheap and Portable". Acting as a sidebar to Desert Sessions of sorts while functioning as a full-time project, Dali's Llama provides an outlet for worshippers of the movement to get their kicks.
- Mike SOS