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Austrian trio Bulbul are an acquired taste that traditional rock fans may take their sweet-ass time getting to know, even though there's no lack of NIN meets robot rock crunch ("Lack of the Key") or booty-shaking dance rock numbers ("When Sun Comes Out", "Dust in My Zimmer") to be had on this unit's unique 15-track celebration of all things left of center. Meandering in and out of indie rock's heavy side with hints of Mr. Bungle-like explorations ("The Song's Name"), Melvins-esque low end throbbing ("Steve La Postla"), Bulbul shows the propensity to get down funky ("Daddy Was a Girl I LIked"), howlingly crazy a la Primus meets prog rock ("Where the Hell is DJ Fett") or change up the atmosphere ("Tighter") whenever they damn well please, creating a tumultuous tension that governs this outfit's strange yet refreshing twists and turns on their wild journey across planet rock 'n roll . If you dig stuff that goes beyond the realm of normal, definitely seek this album out.
- Mike SOS