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While Brazilian metal act Angra sorts things out, vocalist Edu Falaschi has committed full devotion to once part-time project Almah. Determined on taking this unit to the next level, Falaschi (along with Angra bassist Felipe Andreoli) have recruited permanent members this time around in lieu of using the all-star crew from bands such as Nightwish, Stratovarius, and Kamelot for their sophomore offering, the 10-track FRAGILE EQUALITY. Striking hard with a now full-time band intact, this quintet draws from a wide range of styles from surging melodic tunes ("Invisible Cage") to blistering symphonic tracks fortified with prodigal guitar solo bashings ("You'll Understand"). This disc doles out the proper amount of explosiveness with power metal attacks ("Magic Flame") and progressive metal flourishes ("Fragile Equality") sharing the spotlight. While pseudo-ballad "All I Am" portrays all of the nuances that sound great on mainstream radio, the majority of this disc reveals a band unafraid to flex its metallic muscle ("Torn") or delve deep into the more melodic side of the metal spectrum ("Beyond Tomorrow"). Almah's latest disc demonstrates a newfound cohesion thanks to a dedicated and united squad and should appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Dragonforce, and Helloween and their most prominent of power metal sensibilities.
- Mike SOS