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Metal's favorite glee club return with II, Bang Camaro's sophomore effort chock full of tongue in cheek stadium anthems for the modern age. This act's unique choral lead singer situation and shredding pop metal riffs clear the path for a raucous 10-track joyride through the heavy metal parking lot. Tracks like "Miss Illusion" and "Night Lies" blast you back to the era of excess, using virtually every groan-inducing metal cliché from country fried ("Life is Hard on the Road") to campfire balladry ("The Hit") to its advantage with an unwaveringly tasteful yet bombastic sense of grace. Sounding gargantuan yet retaining a feel as if they were unearthed from the recesses of the Sunset Strip, this infectious spectacle's latest offering displays Bang Camaro's transcending from novelty act to full-fledged arena metal masters, able to set fists in the air and Bics overhead with their contagious and crisp delivery.
- Mike SOS