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Crippling Canadian quartet Beneath the Massacre is a dizzying deathcore troupe whose latest 10-track enterprise DYSTOPIA jackhammers sweeping guitar runs, feral blast beat drums, and vicious vocals into your cranium for over 30 minutes. And when it's over, what does the listener retain besides one hell of a headache? Not a whole lot, actually, although this band's jaw-dropping velocity and unbridled brutality found on cuts such as the relentless "Bitter" and "Procreating the Infection" is something to marvel at while the surprisingly slow and more painful delivery audible on the properly named "Lithium Overdose" salvages this squad from being caught in the middle between being totally breakdown-reliant and spastic riff friendly into a somewhat more palatable direction. Otherwise, this blistering offering does its damndest, sacrificing musicality for sheer sonic bludgeoning for fans of dastardly technicality to get wrapped inside of.
- Mike SOS