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Connecticut crushers Dead By Wednesday unleash an explosive onslaught of politically charged rap metal on their 13-track venture PAWNS. Armed with a bevy of brawny hardcore riffs ("Pawns", "Break the Walls", "Restitution") and a solid twin vocal attack that works against one another nicely while running metal's stylistic gauntlet from guttural death ("Araroba") to frenzied punk ("Violent Tradition"), this disc offers a durable yet retread sound marred at points by sticking too close to the formula, rendering tracks like "Chosen" and the Hatebreed-esque "Society's Blood" a bit past shelf life. But if you can get past the Suicidal Tendencies and Downset worship, tracks like the So Cal punk meets Hed PE-infused "Liberty" and the Sworn Enemy by way of E-Town Concrete vibe on "Fractured" contain the surefire elements that keeps a steady stream of flailing limbs moving on the dance floor.
- Mike SOS