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Australia isn't a place you think when you think metal, or even groundbreaking music in general for that matter, but Alchemist is about to change all of that. This veteran metal outfit has found a home with Relapse, and takes its psychedelically supercharged metal onslaught along for the ride. The 11-track release that follows is a prime example of a band whose creative process and experimental nature is always shifted in high gear. Spacious riffs run circles in your head while the bottom end crushes your skull, as the undercurrent of melody washes over your conscious like the tide. While some may liken this band to Voivod meets Monster Magnet, or even the mix of Queensryche and Dream Theater, but the undeniable truth is that Alchemist will expand your musical horizon if given the proper time to absorb AUSTRAL ALIEN in full.
- Mike SOS