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Hey man, is that FREEDOM METAL, man? Well, turn it up, man! Yeah, that's the vibe the latest eight-track affair which Chicago's defenders of the faith Bible of the Devil emits, right down to the gruff yet glittery Paul Stanley meets Paul D'ianno vocal caterwaul of Matt Hoffman . Tracks like "Womanize" maintain a classic metal feel by keeping the genre's traditional sounds and structures intact with unfettered authenticity while the terrifically-reworked twin guitar mayhem and galloping rhythms featured throughout reek with familiarity yet rock so hard you don't care that you've heard it all before from a Priest or Scorpions album from the mid '70s. Not shy in paying homage to their influences in the most respectful of ways, this album is a slamming affair that will have any classic metalhead and gray beard worth their salt scrambling through their closet for the old school denim jacket with the Maiden patch on the back. And so what if "Ol' Girl" apes Thin Lizzy down to the tee, the band does an admirable job of dramatizing what a modern-day Lynott may come up with, so relax a bit, chug a brew and sit tight and enjoy this time machine joyride Bible of the Devil have stepped up and supplied.
- Mike SOS