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Detroit deathcore squad And Hell Followed With unleash an above-average amalgamation of the elements required to make moshpits explode on their latest endeavor PROPRIOCEPTION. This 12-track exercise in brutality dutifully executes relentless streams of bowel-irritating low end punishment (“One of the Swarm), percussive typewriter triggering aplenty and freefall guitars galore yet manages to leave room for the band to veer away from crushing long enough to throw left of center melodic flashes into the fray (“Perpetual Abyssma”). Demonstrating a fondness for hometown heroes The Black Dahlia Murder while delivering a clockwork-esque bounty of chug-a-lug breakdowns while a fitting lead vocal spearheads the affair, And Hell Followed With’s brand of deathcore follows the genre’s framework diligently without sounding derivative, embracing modern destructive tendencies with a few choice flourishes to set them in the thick of the mix.
- Mike SOS