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On the brink of folding for good after making significant waves in the underground, California tech metal crew Brain Drill got their act together and created another batch of mindbending metallic mayhem on their latest eight-track QUANTUM CATASTROPHE. This exercise in excess is not geared for the casual fan by any means, as this excruciatingly erratic endeavor blasts past normal thresholds of death metal with a thorny daredevil-like dizziness and a masterful blend of dexterity and brutality fueling the utter insanity this quartet’s complex compositions dole out. Fusing blistering speed, clubbing heaviness, and jawdropping musicianship is far from a new breakthrough, yet when Brain Drill’s incessant rounds of vicious velocity and devout focus to relentlessness are added into the equation, something wonderfully wicked is brought to the forefront. Barraging the cranium like its name suggests, Brian Drill’s savage virtuosity may be too much for some to take, but it undeniably puts a new spin on what the term extreme metal means for the year 2010 and beyond.
- Mike SOS