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Perhaps the idea behind 1349ís universally panned previous effort REVELATION OF THE BLACK FLAME was in fact to prepare fans and foes alike for their newest 13-track evil endeavor DEMONOIR, as the sons of darknessí newest excursion splits the trademark sinister speed and unbridled ferocity with the newly discovered ambient nuances virtually down the middle to form an effectively eerie presentation. Produced by Celtic Frost/ Triptykon mainman Tom Gabriel Fischer, this Norwegian squad defends the shrouded faith with an all guns blazing assault complete with a barrage of the rapid-fire rhythms and blinding guitar riffs that made this group the obvious successors to their homelandís vitriolic lineage sandwiched between creepy interludes that detract from attack mode long enough to catch your breath before getting submerged into deviance again. Providing a supple amount of punishment with enough ethereal sound effects to burden your brain long after the disc stops, 1349 get back in Satanís good graces here, armed with enough diabolic firepower to please those who worship below for many nights to come.
- Mike SOS