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Germany’s Dew Scented tone the death metal elements in their hybrid thrash metal sound down considerably on their eighth studio offering INVOCATION, opting for a streamlined thrash attack with chunks of confrontational hardcore and touches of slam metal. This bruising 12-track affair boasts a vicious twin guitar assault laden in brutality that sounds like a cross between new school Exodus, As I Lay Dying, and The Haunted (“Condemnation”, Slaves of Content”) while solid slabs of bass and thunderous drums push the levels of intensity into the red (“A Critical Mass”). While the disc’s intentionally relentless nature is admirable, it tends to get tedious at times, but the unit’s bursts of explosive velocity break up the monotony nicely while keeping the moshpit active. As technical as a punch to the face with a bevy of sharp and tight fretwork and a steamroller-like disposition, Dew Scented present a durable album with the veteran’s by the book style and in your face attitude once again reigning supreme.
- Mike SOS