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Technical death metal is what Decrepit Birth deliver in spades on the revered unit’s third album, the 12-track POLARITY. Stocked with an abundance of blistering lead guitars, brutal riffs, jawdropping time signature switches, and death metal evil, songs like “Solar Impulse” showcase these merchants of mayhem moving at its most forward-thinking while tracks like “The Resonance” display their vigilant sense of versatility to go from vicious to melodic without batting an eye. Progressive and vicious reaps a nasty mix of styles when done correctly, and Decrepit Birth’s amalgamation bridges the gap between Morbid Angel and Death (whose “See Through Dreams” is covered here) exceptionally well, throwing face-ripping strands of Immolation/Suffocation-esque ferocity (“The Quickening of Time”) and unabashed guitar shredding (“Sea of Memories”) into their complex creations for an added boost of sonic savagery.
- Mike SOS