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Bob Pressner is a NYC-based singer-songwriter whose seven-track offering HONOR AMONG THIEVES showcases an introspective artist with a broad scope which takes as much influence from Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen as John Mayer and Dave Matthews. This one time commodity trader turned pop-rock connoisseur switched his path after the first bombing of the World Trade Center back in 1993 and has been a first-hand witness to a fair share of life-altering experiences along the way, reflected in his soulful performance and cathartic arrangements. Adorned with intermittent moments of lush orchestration (“Angels in the Wind”) while solidified with a simple and subtle vocal style that works both in a rock ‘n roll and pop-rock setting (“Honor Among Thieves”), Bob Pressner’s latest batch of forthright tunes exudes a heartfelt honesty the majority of today’s pop-rock sadly lacks.
- Mike SOS