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Cliff Dinsmore is a veteran of underground California hardcore punk scene and the founder of hardcore stalwarts Bl’ast whose latest project Dusted Angel sheds his hardcore skin to follow a stoner rock and doom metal template. The end result is the dastardly and driving seven-track offering EARTH SICK MIND a viscous and deliberate endeavor that nails the retro tumultuousness of bands like Monster Magnet, Kyuss, and The Obsessed with a riff rocking reverence (“Seeking the Dawn”), setting the time machine to 1975 and lighting up the rockets with the flame that sparks up their 30 foot bong (“Scottstober”). Ground shaking yet far from groundbreaking, Dusted Angel’s volcanic eruptions spurt a steady stream of cosmic lava yielding a hearty helping of heavy and upbeat grooves wrapped inside a doom-laden atmosphere.
- Mike SOS