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Polish unit Black River provides a vehicle for death metal dudes from the likes of Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Neolithic and Rootwater to strip off the corpsepaint and rock out on the down and dirty hard rock side of the spectrum, documented on the 11-track affair BLACK ‘N ROLL. Keeping the songs chock full of simple and not to be taken seriously cock rock leanings galore, a genuine sense of good times radiates from songs like “Too Far Away” and “Barf Bag” while “Lucky in Hell” showcases how this quintet throws down a batch of gritty riffs, sleazy southern rock charm and hard to resist headbanging rhythms. Sounding like a cross between Hellyeah, Volbeat, Danzig, and Shotgun Messiah, this unit’s carefree delivery and punkish plug in and play mentality (“Black ‘n Roll”) is easily traced and criminally copied at times, yet the fun this band has mustered by stepping away from their more disciplined outfits shines above all the obvious comparisons drawn to make this disc a solid offering for fans of tough as nails hard rock.
- Mike SOS