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NYC Goth rock contingent Dead Emotion have endured their share of ups and downs throughout their tenure, having undergone an endless stream of lineup changes and band shakeups since their inception, yet this resilient troupe has weathered the storms and have returned with the 12-track release OF BEAUTY AND MADNESS. This self-produced offering displays both the band’s new lineup reworking a number of the unit’s previous songs (“Nothing to Die For”) as well as marks the last chapter in the Dead Emotion saga. Yet the band isn’t breaking up; instead, they will change their name to the title of this collection after this endeavor’s cycle ends and forge ahead with the female fronted elegance colliding with dark rock mystique that the band has been crafting for over a decade with a reinvigorated attitude and a new batch of tunes in tow. This album does more than tie up loose ends however, as it highlights a band’s refocused agenda looking ahead to the future with a more pronounced symphonic rock stance and a discernible female vocal shift guiding their embarking on a new musical journey (“Time Has Come”, “New Brooklyn”).
- Mike SOS