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Queens, NY female fronted outfit Decembers Fall is a rock troupe whose latest offering AWAKENING showcases this unit’s dramatic flair, intense elegance and cinematic scope. Led by vocalist/pianist Francesca, this group has developed a sound rooted in metallic despair (“Falling Away”, “Words”) accentuated with electronic flourishes for added texture (“Absence of Yourself”). This quartet maintains a sturdy rock foundation thanks in part to a bashing rhythm section and some strong guitar work reminiscent of bands like Lacuna Coil and Evanescence while Francesca’s luxurious vocals echo both melodic bliss and hard rock grit. Bolstered by tight arrangements with instrumental piano and guitar interludes in between songs to keep the flow at a constant state of movement, Decembers Fall have created a well-planned and expertly performed album perfectly crafted for fans of edgy modern rock.
- Mike SOS