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Combining the bombast of power metal with the hip grinding rhythms of bluesy sleaze rock, the debut endeavor by Sweden’s Downspirit takes a trip back in time harkening the glory days of the Sunset Strip with a bevy of clichés in tow for as authentic a vibe you can expect from a modern act. From the outfit’s Shotgun Messiah meets Nickelback thick and heavy sound to their predilection to bust out harmonicas and Heil boxes at the drop of a hat (“Highway Run”), Downspirit makes no bones about their affection for all things ‘80s (“Lovesong”). Providing muscular riffs and cheeky choruses aplenty, Downspirit’s performance packs a punch and is a good time seeking guitar driven album with a surprising amount of heaviness at the forefront. Yet like many of the acts they aim to emulate, they lack an overall substance to make a lasting impression or remain memorable.
- Mike SOS