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Shedding enough of their industrial heavy leanings to implement a broader and more pronounced Cradle of Filth-esque black metal style, Dawn of Ashes makes the most of their metallic makeover on GENOCIDE CHAPTERS. This 11-track endeavor keeps this sinister squad’s penchant for macabre subject matter, applying their horror-based tunes to a mechanized blast beat and overwrought symphonic keyboard pairing in lieu of the throbbing electronic beats from past releases, resulting in a bastardized concoction of uneven modern malevolence heavy on the drama while showcasing glimpses of deviant majesty. Despite making great strides, this troupe has its work cut out for them, as there still needs to be some fine tuning and a lot less of a robotic pulse present in order for Dawn of Ashes to embody a kind of identity necessary to break through to the ever so hard to please contingent of black metal purists.
- Mike SOS