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Closenuf is a Brooklyn, NY based unit with a wealth of musical experience that shines through on their 18-track endeavor …TO A NEW BEGINNING. Led by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Anthony Foti, this troupe maintains a balance between 70’s soft rock and pristine pop a la Jackson Browne and Billy Joel with a slew of tasty nuances strewn in like the bluesy romp “Fertile Green” making everything go down smooth (“She’s Leaving”). Interestingly including remixes of certain songs that really showcase each chosen song in a different light (most notably “At Night” as remixed by Al Pitrelli), Closenuf portray the confidence to be able to alter their songs without recourse. Taking it back to the roots, Closenuf celebrates their new beginning by exhibiting a comprehensive lesson in the rudiments of rock ‘n roll.
- Mike SOS