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Scaling back down to the classic three-piece ANIMOSITY-era version for a seven-inch two-song collection entitled YOUR TOMORROW, Corrosion of Conformity returns with their beloved underground lineup intact. But donít expect the same crossover sound this time out, as this veteran North Carolina crew comes out swinging with a hybrid sound of Southern metal, stoner rock, and hardcore punk that somehow encompasses all of the bandís styles through the years without leaning heavily on one in particular. Breaking one eight-minute song into two parts led by the Ozzy-esque warbling vocals of Mike Dean and featuring the distinct percussive strikes of Reed Mullin while Woody Weathermanís six-string sting keeps the juggernaut chugging, COC skillfully blurs the lines between St. Vitus and Black Sabbath with a dash of the eclectic crossover appeal found on the unitís early work to make yet another stylistic shift within the band stick.
- Mike SOS