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Florida’s Erfiq and NYC’s Braindead have joined forces for an eight-track split release of underground death metal. Up first are two live cuts and two studio tracks from Braindead, a guttural death metal unit whose flashy fretwork and Swedish metal tendencies come through strongest on “ID”. While the band’s studio work is cohesive, the live cuts are of lesser quality and diminish the band’s overall output. Erfiq is up next, and this unit has been through its share of tragic occurrences for certain. Their contribution is a retrospective of sorts, as this sunshine state outfit’s four-track endeavor both digs through their vault to tie up loose ends from previous sessions (“Slow Destroyed”) as well as pays tribute to the band’s fallen members by remixing some of their older material (“Kill The Plague”), with all the proceeds going to another member’s mounting medical bills. Mixing up their extreme metal sound with breakdown heavy chug and old school death metal aggression, Erfiq do an admirable job of keeping the pit moving while keeping the spirits of their former band mates in mind.
- Mike SOS