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Canadian hardcore punk gang Comeback Kid continues their consistency streak of putting out quality material with their latest 40-minute blast SYMPTOMS AND CURES. This grizzled quintet’s 11-track endeavor pulls no punches and veers towards the aggressive end of the spectrum, unapologetically raging from the opening strands of “Do Yourself a Favor” until the final notes of the crushing “Pull Back the Reins” disseminate into dust. Chock full of gang choral vocals, rousing hooks, and heavy melodic guitars propelling the songs into warp speed, Comeback Kid displays the penchant to write fast and heavy songs that stick in your head (“GM Vincent and I”, “Get Alone”). Creating a velocity-induced thrill ride full of razor sharp riffs, scorched throat screams (“Because Of All The Things You Say”) and tumultuous punk hardcore tendencies, Comeback Kid are one of the rare acts that have bounced back from a frontman switch (guitarist Andrew Neufeld replaced Scott Wade in 2007) and made their most seething album to date, cementing themselves as a cornerstone group of the punk hardcore genre with this intense offering.
- Mike SOS