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Croatian quintet Coldsnap aims to resuscitate the electronic rage of nu metal on their latest release. This disc suffers through Korn meets Soulfly mimicry (“You Failed”), Static X call and response (“Party”) and blatant Slipknot plagiarizing (“Genocide”) but then takes a turn into a Deftones-like mellow mindset for much of the latter half of the disc (“Religion”). Coldsnap sounds like a band striving to break out of a mold towards the end, but even their hand at dancehall by covering Manu Chao’s “Bongo Bong” comes off like a paltry Rammstein meets Offspring knockoff. Jumping through too many hoops to create anything more than a nu metal homage, Coldsnap lacks a specific identity yet channels enough from their influences’ to provide a competent retread of heaviness from the not too distant past.
- Mike SOS