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Atlanta, GA sextet Daath goes the eponymous route for their latest endeavor, a white-knuckle 13-track ride through melodic death metal and all of its shadowy side roads. Churning out a complex and twisted form that blends guttural vocals, virtuoso twin guitars (“A Cold Devotion”), and a jarring metalcore power, this troupe display a commendable aggressive acumen yet sometimes overextend their stay on the progressive metal continuum to leave behind any sort of hook or memorable part to hang on to, leaving a lot of the album running into dead ends or lost in translation. Nonetheless, Daath’s expansive musical knowledge hurls jaw dropping six-string runs and copious compositional curveballs championing intricacy almost at command (“Arch {Enemy} Misanthrope”), leaving listeners dizzy from all the changes yet not with anything in their memory bank to keep with them.
- Mike SOS