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Denver, CO extreme metal explorers Cephalic Carnage continue to shatter expectations while crushing skulls as heard on the quartet’s latest album MISLED BY CERTAINTY. Upon first listen, this 14-track offering appears to take a much more streamlined approach into a technical death metal area than previous endeavors, yet there’s no need to worry; this band made their reputation on making heavy music challenging for both themselves and their listeners, and songs like the Bruce Lamont saxophone and guest vocal spot on “Repangea” and the sinewy spoken word slow crawl intro of “Dimensional Modulation Transmography" demonstrates they still possess the wares to stir up an intriguing mix of chaotic grind (“PGAD”) and punishing death metal (“Abraxas of Filth”) with a bevy of other influences whizzing by at light speed. While long time supporters may feel snubbed at the abundance of straight-up speed and fury present, Cephalic Carnage have raised the bar on so many other fronts in their metallic assault to mature into a masterful troupe brazenly balancing brutality and technicality.
- Mike SOS