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From unorthodox instrumentation to a twin percussive presence, Chicago post rock instrumentalists Del Rey demonstrate a bevy of intriguing elements that set them apart from merely a cross between Mogwai and Maserati on their latest seven-track offering IMMEMORIAL. Besides the use of two drummers, their multi-layered blend of psych rock designed to be played in its entirety employs quite a bit of international rhythmic flavor as well, adding more intensity to their already dynamically charged approach to building songs (“These Children That Come At You With Knives”). Despite obvious comparisons to fellow statesmen Pelican being made, Del Rey manages to carve out a discernible niche in the voiceless rock realm via a combination of forward-thinking compositions embracing a maverick sense of experimentation and a finite attention to detail keeping the overall flow sure and steady yet rough and ready when need be (“Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”).
- Mike SOS