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Israeli sludge metal trio dole out a decisively viscous mix of slow churned riffs and deliberately mid-tempo rhythms on their Billy Anderson produced eight-track endeavor SAVED BY FEAR. Merging the wares of bands like Cavity, Black Tusk, High on Fire, and Eyehategod together, this unit strives to examine how the power of the riff compels them and tracks like opener “Peis” does a fine job of zeroing in on the solution while the title cut demonstrates this band’s versatility by stripping down to acoustic guitars to provide a much less abrasive yet effective mindtrip before heading back into the depths with the oozing “Electric Site”. While few may make the claim that there’s nothing new here that hasn’t been covered by any of the aforementioned groups, Dukalaton does an admirable job of honing in on the borrowed heaviness and dishes out a hearty blend of brawny sludge metal in the process (“Gate of Mind”).
- Mike SOS