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Hot off the heels of previous offering WARPULGIS RITES, Austria’s premier merchants of wickedness Belphegor return with another searing batch of diabolical blackened death metal on their eight-track excursion BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE. This blasphemous lot shows no sign of stopping their streak of releasing quality audio malice with relatively little turnaround time, enlisting Peter Tagtgren behind the board this time around to commandeer the carnage while the band praises evil and debauchery at every turn with a distinct hybrid attack of black metal malaise and death metal savagery (“In Blood- Devour This Sanctity”). Armed with a ramped up production value while maintaining their trademark sense of malevolence whether it be via a blast beat and tremolo-picked frenzy (“Angeli Mortis de Profundis”) or a newfound sinister slow crawl pace (“Blood Magick Necromance”), Belphegor showcases their undeniable proclivity for the demonic side of the spectrum with a sound directly derived from the depths of the abyss.
- Mike SOS