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Polandís burgeoning death metal scene has put out a number of incendiary acts from Vader to Decapitated in addition to being home to countless quality metal bands across the metal spectrum, amongst them Calm Hatchery. Their sophomore effort SACRILEGE OF HUMANITY showcases a band vying for the same lauded position occupied by the likes of Morbid Angel as well as the aforementioned acts and fellow countrymen Behemoth, as 13-track presentation exhibits a band well versed in making unrelenting heavy music that sticks to the template stringently. With such a high standard in place, this Polish quartet has their work cut out for them to attain the levels they desire, and for the most part this unit provides a solid interpretation of modern death metal that is both technically proficient and head smashingly vicious (7). Donít expect Calm Hatchery to break any new ground, but do be on the lookout for little twists and spins they stamp on the standard style within each track to warrant repeated headbanging listening experiences.
- Mike SOS