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Resilient Alaskan metalcore unit 36 Crazyfists always seem to play the bridesmaid but never the bride throughout their tenure in heavy music, yet their latest 11-track offering COLLISIONS AND CASTAWAYS may change that. Decisively stepped up in the heavy department (“Death Renames the Light”) without sacrificing the band’s trademark powerful clean chorus (“Reviver”) and brutish breakdown combination (“Anchors”), this squad’s fifth album succeeds in focusing on the subtleties from the extreme side of the spectrum this band employs that make their music stand out. Brock Lindow’s voice is stretched to the limits here yet holds its own and carries a sense of urgency like never before (“Mercy and Grace”), while riff after riff throughout the disc bubbles over with a volatile sense of aggression (“Whitewater”, “The Deserter”), culminating in the band’s most heavy handed release to date. Tweaking a hybrid style of metalcore, nu metal, and modern metal they’ve championed for over 15 years, 36 Crazyfists continues to carve out their distinct metallic mélange on the metal continuum.
- Mike SOS