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15 tracks of socially-minded cerebral grindcore is what Drugs of Faith serves up on the troupe’s long-awaited full length debut CORRODED, an album that manages to coherently combine the ferocity of Napalm Death, the passion of Fugazi and the venom of Black Flag. This DC trio strikes a fine balance between velocity-driven intensity and left of center angularity (“Sight Unseen”), resulting in an intriguing amalgamation of traditional grind (“Corroded”), hardcore punk (“Farewell Kiss”) and post hardcore (“Grayed Out”) that aims for the jugular while creeping inside your subconscious (“Anemic”). Armed with distinctively disjointed waves of dissonance with odd melodic sensibilities abound, Drugs of Faith have honed a hybrid sound all their own whose unique properties embody a multitude of underground heavy music’s best qualities.
- Mike SOS