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Polish female-fronted power metal troupe Crystal Viper gallop their way through an 11-track metal opus entitled LEGENDS. Chock full of rousing melodies and furious rhythms that cross Doro with Hammerfall (“Blood of the Heroes”, “A Man of Stone”), this unit’s latest endeavor showcases a by the book coherence that leaves no stone unturned when following the basics of power metal. Add in the robust female presence of Marta Gabriel, whose soaring vocal lines and stellar fretwork admirably lead this band’s pure NWOBHM influenced charge through the familiar forests and enchanted lands (“Night of The Sin”), assisting this band in standing out from the pack. Championing the mentality and chops from the days of yore, Crystal Viper packs an old school punch while most female fronted bands in this genre opt to get operatic, resulting in a predictable yet well executed and enjoyable excursion.
- Mike SOS