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Ever go to a club that has different rooms playing totally different music in each room? Award-winning six-string maestro Brennan Dylan apparently has, as he fuses hard electronica beats with bursts of metal virtuoso guitar on his debut endeavor BULLET RIDE. This well-versed musician’s discovery is far from groundbreaking, but his disc merges the two armed with clever compositional methods that gives equal reverence to both genres. This 10-track all instrumental affair contains a head rattling array of techno beats bound to keep the dance floor moving (“Racing Laguna”) while a discernible hard rock edge makes its presence known thanks to Dylan’s inventive approach and undeniable chops (“Derailed”). At times wandering through dark wave and industrial soundscapes (“Bullet Ride”) while at others coming off like the perfect background music for a television or movie chase scene (“Delirious Factor”), Brennan Dylan has struck a cohesive balance of styles and sounds for ravers and rockers alike to adhere to.
- Mike SOS