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Netherlands based stoner rock squad Astrosoniq have created a labyrinth of classic sci-fi influenced psychedelic metal luxury on their latest release QUADRANT. This unit simultaneously cosmically channels Hawkwind, Kyuss, and Pink Floyd, developing a style where quirky spoken word dialogues from a space mission in distress and gritty desert rock grooves blend into one another without batting an eye (“As Soon as They Got Airborne”) before dropping shards of modern thrash metal (“Play It Straight”) and syrupy sludge (“Downfall Lover”) into their musical crockpot. Limitless in scope and laden with skillfully applied stylistic shifts, Astrosoniq has created a kaleidoscopic array of tones and textures leaning on the heavier side of the spectrum that audiophiles, baked heshers, and space rock cadets alike will undoubtedly freak out over.
- Mike SOS