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Israeli metal merchants Betzefer unleash an undeniably down and dirty groove metal ambush with FREEDOM TO THE SLAVE MAKERS. Unabashedly raw from the polarizing tortured screaming vocals (“Doomsday”) down to the primal rhythms, this 10-track album takes more than a liberal amount from the Pantera playbook to comprise their sound, but follows other avenues of heaviness as well, borrowing from a diverse mix of the likes of Black Label Society and Korn to hammer their menacing assault into your cranium. While this band isn’t necessarily breaking any new ground, they do possess the savvy for keeping an aggressive edge at the forefront of their multifaceted approach by any means necessary, helping songs like “Diamond Director” and the scorching opener “Best Seller” reach their maximum levels of impact. If you dig Hellyeah, Every Time I Die, or Soulfly, you’ll be sure to find this something here to bang your head to.
- Mike SOS