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Depraved and vile, UK metal mavens Dragged Into Sunlight have developed an unsettling yet versatile metal excursion that creepily fuses doom metal slow crawls with blistering death metal brutality on their utterly filthy seven-track affair HATRED FOR MANKIND. Possessing the forward thinking attitude that allows sampling of serial killers’ dialogue to be dispersed amongst their juxtaposed cacophony of misanthropic black metal and oppressive sludge metal (“Buried With Leeches”), this sinister squad never fails to release an eerie vibe no matter what tempo they employ or level of heaviness they choose to pursue, truly earning the right to position themselves at the forefront of the underworld’s musical upper echelon. Diabolically depressive, Dragged Into Sunlight have concocted a grim and bleak sound encompassing all things evil (“I, Aurora”) while demonstrating a dastardly sense of demonically driven despair that chills straight to the bone and make even the most hardened listener contemplate leaving the lights on at night right before bed.
- Mike SOS