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Swedish progressive rock outfit Beardfish lets their unquestionable ‘70s flag fly high on their latest seven-track journey into sound entitled MAMMOTH. Paying homage to everyone from Genesis and Yes to Deep Purple and Frank Zappa while managing to carve out their own piece of the prog rock pie with their flawless musical interplay and out of the box compositions (“The Platform”), this troupe of capable musicians doles out a cavalcade of rock music for the advanced listener with their distinct pedigree allowing them to go from menacing hard rock to lofty yet complex interludes at a moment’s notice (“Tightrope”). Fortified with a genre-bending mix of styles that effortlessly veers into jazz-fusion territories (“Akakabotu”) and synth-induced gilded melodies (“Without Saying Anything”), the latest release by Beardfish proudly gives your ears a profusion of sound to get lost in.
- Mike SOS