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Long Island septet Dr. Acula, now down to one original member, continues to trudge on with a comedic slanted and sample heavy deathcore sound as heard on the 13-track SLANDER. Interspersing a wealth of film and television soundbites into their mammoth amalgamation of modern hardcore, redundant metalcore, and neck snapping grinding death metal (“Slander”), this disc unabashedly plays to the strengths and weaknesses of deathcore without an ounce of remorse, juxtaposing misogynistic fantasies and bare knuckle realities with unexpected flashes of musicianship (“The Song Before the Song”), putting a unique spin on the much maligned style of music they employ. Laden with enough brutal breakdowns and colossal bass drops to keep limbs flailing and the dance floor popping (“All Work, No Play”) and topped off with ribald lyrical content spanning everything from pop culture to drugs (“Cocaine Avalanche”) to human relations, Dr. Acula are doing an admirable job of keeping the mood frivolous with their tongue in cheek viewpoint and party ‘til you drop mantra fueling their crushing musical output.
- Mike SOS