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Veterans of the underground metal scene American Heritage return with the 11-track offering SENDENTARY, an album that features the talents of a few of the group’s musician friends such as Bill Helliher (Mastodon) and Sanford Parker (Minsk) helping the band build a viscous wall of sound that channels everyone from Melvins to Torche to Converge. This unbridled Chicago unit administers a caustic conglomerate of heaviness that subtly shifts from sinewy sludge to violent punk to groovy stoner, maintaining a vicious bark and a skull rattling rhythmic thrust throughout (“Slave By Force”). Melding metal, hardcore, punk and noise into jagged shards of harsh melodies (“Morbid Angle”), American Heritage unapologetically encompasses the atmosphere with an oppressive aura of brute force and seismic dynamic shifts.
- Mike SOS