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New Jersey metal troupe Cypher Seer exhibit a blend of power and thrash metal with a surprising relentlessness on their latest 11-track excursion ORIGINS, an album that could be mistaken for being a product from a group from Sweden or Norway instead of Elizabeth. Nonetheless, this quintet captures the chaotic cadence of today’s Euro metal with a plethora of acrobatic guitar work, noticeably powerful prog metal vocals and an overwhelmingly punchy percussive presence (“Dying Force”) propelling their full-on keyboard enhanced metal attack (“As I Embrace The End”). Weaving the gallop of traditional metal into their template of power metal melodies with modern metal aggressiveness (“Red Rain”, “Lost, Plagued, & Redefined”), Cypher Seer develops a fiery clamor that falls prey to being formulaic to a fault and tends to go off track and get a bit too over the top at times, diminishing the overall dynamic the album attempts to establish.
- Mike SOS