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DEEVOLUTION is the seven-track offering by Cynthesis, a project that reunites members of the currently out of commission prog metal troupe Zero Hour. Separating this album from the members’ past endeavors, Cynthesis strives to create lush musical soundscapes rather than mercilessly pound out intricate interludes and endless jams, resulting in this concept album about mind control and mass manipulation sounding a lot like the lighter moments of Queensryche , Opeth (“A Song of Unrest”) and Fates Warning joining forces (“Profits of Disaster”). Heavy on the Pink Floyd-esque cinematic synths as well, Cynthesis does burst through the melancholy to insert some choice heaviness (“Incision:”), but on a whole this album proves to be better suited in building a sensitive and somber listening expedition with a multi-layered musical output rendering a soft side that requires multiple listens to soak the extravagance in.
- Mike SOS