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Alpinist is a crusty German hardcore unit who get the re-release treatment of their first two vinyl only releases courtesy of Southern Lord. Falling directly in line with such likeminded acts as The Secret, Trap Them, and Converge, this oppressive quartet blissfully applies a blackened aura to their feral musical assault (“AIDT”), combining confrontational vocals, explosive D-beat downtuned guitars and titanic bass pummeling with a sprinkling of ambient passages and quiet moments to create proper measures of downtime before the next round of cacophonous chaos ensues (“The Cursed Word Open-Minded”). Deliberately doling out a volatile and belligerent musical style, add Alpinist to the growing list of bands that drag a boisterous blend of hardcore heft and metallic might through the sludge to comprise a dirty and dark offering fans of bands like Mastodon, Black Breath, and Tragedy can sink their teeth into.
- Mike SOS